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The manual Cutting Device is specially designed to cut plastic tubes with larger diameters and a thin wall thickness.

An industrial cutting blade is moving into the cutting die to produce an absolute proper rectangular cut. The cutting head and die can be adjusted vertically in order to align the different diameters of the tubes. The die will be customized according to your diameters.

The adjustable stopper guarantees a reproducible length.

Technical Specifications:
customized interchangeable dies
v-shape product guide with adjustable stopper
setup for left or righthand use
ruler length: 250mm/special length on request
cutting diameter: max. 10.0mm
standard industry blades for 1.0 –1.5 mm thickness
dimensions (L x W x H): 440 x 160 x 130 mm
weight: 2 kg


vertical adjustment
exchangeable cutting die
adjustable stopper