2530 4up Balloon Forming Machine

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This 4-fold height adjustable balloon forming machine is used for the production of different plastic balloons.

The electrical heated stretch blow molding process allows the production of different balloons for angioplasty and other medical applications. This machine has the capability to produce up to 4 balloons in once cycle. It is equipped with a PLC controller and PC. A connection to an external database will also be provided. The molds are clamped by four compact cylinder on one linear slide guidance. The table surface tilted towards the operator enables a distinct ergonomic operation.

This machine has an outstanding production rate and can produce balloons with excellent results.

Technical Specifications:
up to 600 balloons per shift
balloon mould diameter: Ø 1.0–14 mm
balloon mould length: 8–60 mm
process temperatures: 20–250 °C (68 – 482 °F) cooling with external system
process time: 2–3 min
pneumatically actuated fasteners are used for holding the product
process pressure: 0–50 bar (0–725 psi)
low pressure system: 6–10 bar (87–145 psi) for product fixation
linear stretching way: left 290 mm, right 370 mm
3-phase stepper motors
simple user interface with BW-TEC HMI
PLC Controller and PC for HMI and data management, network compatible
table height bottom edge, adjustable between 690 – 970 mm
dimensions (L x W x H): 1550 x 990 x 1640 mm
weight: 400 kg
power: 3 x 120 VAC 10 A 3000 W
            3 x 230 VAC 10 A 3000 W


Heating Blocks
Product Fixture
Product Clamp