2430 1up Soft Balloon Split Mold Machine

2430 1up Soft Balloon Split Mold MachineDownload .pdf

The 2430 Balloon Forming Machine is designed to produce a variety of soft balloons. The electrical heated stretch, pump-blow molding process allows the production of different high-quality balloons for medical applications. The split allows the production of different balloons with complicated shapes. The machine is characterized by a short process time.

The user-friendly machine is equipped with a PLC Controller, PC with touchscreen and the BW-TEC HMI. A connection to an external database can also be provided. All process parameters for specific products can be stored in separate recipes.

Technical Specifications:
up to 150 balloons per shift
process time: 2–6 min (depending on size)
process temperatures: 20 – 250 °C (68 – 482 °F)
cooling with external system
process pressure: 0–6 bar (0–87 psi)
pneumatically actuated fasteners are used for holding the product
low pressure system 6–8 bar (87–116 psi) for product fixation
linear stretching distance: left/right 450mm
minimal tube length before stretching: 15.5 mm
servo drives
barcode scanner for balloon form detection
simple user interface with BW-TEC HMI on touchscreen
PLC controller and PC for HMI and data management, network compatible
dimensions (L x W x H): 1500 x 750 x 1350 mm
weight: 120 kg
power: 110 or 230 VAC/2000 W
others upon request


Core Unit Forming Process
Pneumatic Gripper
Balloon Mold with Barcode