October 2023

BW-TEC AG is pleased to announce the launch of the Rapid Heating Block which increases the quality of the balloons due to the better temperature distribution on the heating block and reduces the overall balloon forming process time significantly.
For more information: Rapid Heating Block for Accelerated Balloon Forming

Machine Solutions Acquires Intec Automation

We are thrilled to announce that Machine Solutions has acquired Intec Automation, a premier systems integrator. This partnership launches our new automation division, enabling the design and build of completely modular solutions for complex applications in the medical & life science industries.

Machine Solutions Acquires Vela Technologies, Inc.

We are pleased to announce that Machine Solutions has acquired Vela Technologies Inc, a San Diego based company providing revolutionary 3D UV curing solutions. With this addition, we present a ready-to-use technology to evenly cure all surfaces on parts with no manual movement or automation required. Featuring a proprietary VelaCure™ ultra violet curing chamber, this proven technology provides customers with improved process control when curing surface coatings and adhesives. The unique chamber technology creates a uniform field of UV light so all surfaces on exposed parts receive the same curing treatment, and all at the same time. This results in higher quality parts with reduced scrap.

Solidifying its place as the industry standard, the VelaCure™ 3D technology utilizes a single UV light source and an ultra-reflective chamber to create a UV atmosphere around all parts within the chamber.