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The Hot Jaw Bonder is a machine designed to bond plastic tubes. The bonding energy is transferred through electrically heated clamps and the inner-tube diameter is fixed by a mandrel. The necessary force to achieve a tight fit between the two tubes is applied through the use of a shrink tube during the welding process. Relevant process parameters include: temperature, time, mandrel diameter and size of clamp.

The correct position is given by an adjustable stopper and the welding process is initiated by applying pressure to the foot switch pedal. Up to three products can be processed simultaneously.

Technical Specifications:
Pneumatically actuated parallel gripper equipped with fixtures for the heating clamp
Removable heating clamps with 3 bonding cavities
Adjustable production guide with stopper
Heating elements2 x 200 W
Heating range (others on request)20 – 220 °C (86 – 428 °F)
Separate PID temperature controller with thermocouple Type K for the upper and the lower heating elements
Timer for free chosen welding time (from 0–60 sec.)
OptionValve and connector
for a cooling nozzle
Dimensions LxWxH400 x 400 x 260 mm
Weightca. 12 kg
Power230 VAC
600 W
others upon request
Air pressure6 bar (0.6 MPa)


Heating elements
Hot Jaw Bonder w/safety guard
Product guide
Safety cover