2711 Autonecker

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The 2711 Automated Necking Machine utilizes the BW-TEC split-die concept to neck down polymer tubes. The tubes are automatically separated out of the tray and fed to the necking process. In this step, the tube is pulled through a heated die and automatically reduced to the same diameter on both sides.

The dimensioning of the die, its temperature and the pulling speed define the process. The necked tube is placed into a tray and can be taken out from it during operation.

A simple process transfer from the manually operated BW-TEC split-die machine to the 2711 Automated Necking Machine is possible.

The Automated Machine convinces through precise reproducibility of the parison lengths, fast processing times and high process reliability. The automatic process flow and the increased quality and quantity free up valuable resources.

Technical Specifications
Raw Tube
Diameter: 0.7 - 7mm
Length: ~220 - 550mm
Tray Volume:
ø 2 mm: ~3000 pcs
ø 4 mm: ~800 pcs
ø 6 mm: ~350 pcs
Volume Output Drawer: > 100 pcs (depending on size)
Process Parameters
Die Diameter: 0.4 - 5.2mm
Cycle time: typically 30 - 70s (depending on process and tube)
process temperature: 20–200°C (68-392°F)
air pressure: 6–8 bar (87–116 psi)
linear guides and servo drive 3Nm → max. pull force 1500N
max. linear movement: 455mm
linear travel speed: 1–500mm/s
Sensor measurement for reproducible parison length
user-friendly interface
BW-TEC HMI on touchscreen
PLC controller and PC for HMI and data management, network compatible
dimensions (L x B x H): 1770 x 720 x 1550mm
weight: 234kg
power: 3 x 230 VAC / 16A / 50-60Hz (2000W)


Tube Separator
Picker Front Small Tube
Picker Large Tube
Dual Necking Die
Dual Necking Die Open
Ejection Unit
Necked Parison

2711 Autonecker Small Tubing

2711 Autonecker Large Tubing