Process Development Lab

BW-TEC Process Development Lab

Accelerate Your Process Development: Explore – Test – Train - Produce

BW-TEC Process Development Lab & Showroom provide direct access to high-quality equipment and resources to support the manufacturing of medical devices from initial prototype through full production requirements. Our skilled team is committed to work alongside you in a confidential setting to develop sustainable, repeatable processes and provide you with reliable, effective solutions for manufacturability.

Visit to learn about how our equipment capabilities and finishing technologies will enable you to bring your products to market.

The BW-TEC Lab & Showroom offers machines for the following processes:

Balloon Production:
  • Necking Split Die & Hot Air Systems
  • Balloon Forming PTCA & PTA
  • Softballoon Forming
  • Cutting Systems
Catheter Assembly:
  • Laser Welding Systems
  • Hot Jaw System
  • Pleat and Fold
  • Stent Crimping
  • Leak Testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Burst Testing