1831 RESISTANCE WELDERDownload .pdf

The Resistance Welder is designed to weld marking rings to a metal tube. The ring will be held back in a special fixture. It is possible to choose different positions in length to weld the ring to the tube.

The weld head is mounted on a precision parallel gripper. After positioning the catheter, the industrial weld electrodes will move on the ring and weld it to the tube. Due the rotational catheter fixation, it is possible to make 2 welds in a 90 degree angle.

Technical Specifications:
catheter diameter: 0.5–4 mm
process time: 10 s
pneumatically actuated fasteners to hold the product
Amada Miyachi resistance weld head
headstock to rotate the catheter
low pressure system: 6 –10 bar (87–145 psi) for product fixation
process way: 250 mm
3-Phase stepper motors
simple user interface with BW-TEC HMI
PLC Controller and PC for HMI and data management, network compatible
zoom camera and separate screen for process monitoring
dimensions (L x W x H): 570 x 640 x 2450 mm
weight: 350 kg
power: 3 x 400 VAC, 12000 W


Process Area
Welding Source
Welding Head