1610 1UP DUAL NECKING MACHINEDownload .pdf

The Necking Machine is designed to neck down balloon tubes. The machine can process the distal and the proximal side in one set up. The tube is pulled through a heated die and reduced to a defined parison length and sleeve diameter. The split die opens into two parts to enable easy loading. The final diameter of the tube and the parison length can be changed by adjusting the following parameters: die diameter, temperature, speed and sensor position.
The parameters of every product can be stored as recipe in order to achieve reproducibility. The machine provides fast process time and precisely repeatable lengths for small and larger tube dimensions.

Technical Specifications:
cycle time: ca. 30 sec
tube diameter: 0.7–8 mm
neck down diameter: 0.6–4 mm
pneumatically actuated gripper
2 linear guides with ball screw spindle and 3Phase stepper motor 1.5 Nm
max. linear movement: left 440 mm/right 440 mm (+parison length)
max. parison length 300 mm
linear travel speed: 1–100 mm/s
process temperature: 20–200 °C
user interface with BW-TEC HMI on touchscreen
PLC controller and PC for HMI and Data management
network compatible
dimensions (L x W x H): 1640 x 570 x 560 mm
weight: 86 kg
power: 115/230 VAC 450 W
air pressure: 6–8 bar (87–116 psi)


Necking Mechanism
Dual Split Die Open
Pneumatic Gripper