1538 Parison Former

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The Parison Former is designed to neck down balloon tubes.
This process step comes prior to the balloon forming process. The target is to reduce the tube diameter beforehand in order to eliminate the calibration process after balloon forming. The tube is heated partially by a specifically designed air nozzle and the diameter is reduced by axial moving of two linear slides with different speed and travel.
The final diameter of the tube can be changed by adjusting either temperature, speed, travel or relative motion of the two axis. The parameters of every product can be stored as recipe in order to achieve reproducibility.
The Machine can be mounted on top of the Balloonmachine 503 and is ideal for R&D settings.

Technical Specifications:
Up to 150 tubes per shift
Process time1–3 min
1-up Machine
Tube diameterØ 0.4–5 mm
Pneumatically actuated clamps
2 Linear slide with ball screw spindle and 3Phase stepper motors 1.5 Nm
Axial force500 N
Travel distance per axismax. 450 mm
Travel speed1–150 mm/s
Process temperatures:20–250°C
Simple user interface with BW-TEC HMI on touchscreen
PLC Controller and Tablet-PC for HMI and Data management
Network compatible
Dimensions LxWxH1400 x 360 x 360 mm
Weight65 kg
Power115/230 VAC
Air pressure6–10 bar (87–145 psi)


Heating nozzle
Pneumatic gripper