272 Balloon Moulding Machine


This Balloon Moulding Machine is a laboratory version. It is mainly used to develop plastic balloons for angioplasty catheters. It is equipped with one product fixture and can produce a daily rate of approximately 100 balloons.
The tube is placed in a 3-part mould. The mould is equipped with a weight in order to achieve the necessary pulling force during the moulding process. The process pressure ranges up to 50 bar (725 psi) and the required temperature is transferred by using heated DI water up to 96° C (204° F).
The process parameters for each product can be stored in separate menus.

Technical Specifications:
Performance: up to 100 balloons per shift
Working platform with implemented containers in stainless steel
Heated water container equipped with electrical heating elements (1.5 KW), level controller and thermostat
PID-controlled process temperatures: 96°C for moulding and 10°C for cooling down of the moulds
Chilling container water cooled
Options: external Chiller or
integrated peltier elements
X and Z axis precision linear slide driven by a stepper motor
Pneumatically actuated fasteners are used for holding the product
Process pressure up to 50 bar (725 psi) controlled by an electronic pressure controller
The actual pressure is shown on the PLC screen
Low pressure system 6–10 bar (87-145 psi) for product fixation
PLC controller with user interface for programming of all parameters
Memory modules for 100 menus
Dimensions LxWxH700 x 600 x 1950 mm
Weight90 kg
Power230 VAC (other upon request)
1750 W


PLC Screen
Product clamp