1616 Leak Tester

LEAKTESTER 1616Download .pdf

This Leaktester is used for final inspection of balloon catheters.
The catheter can be checked on leakage and pressure. The product can be pressurized over a specific time. A red LED will illuminate if the pressure drops under a defined limit.
The process parameters are entered and managed by the HMI on the Tablet PC.
The actual diameter is also displayed on the HMI and a detailed process graph will be displayed.

Technical Specifications:
Pressure range0–50.5 bar (0–725 psi)
Tolerance+/- 0.25 bar (7.25 psi)
Primary pressuremax. 55 bar (798 psi)
Medium:Air or N2
Process parameters:pressure, pressure difference, ramp, holding time and measure time
PLC Controller and HMI Interface on Tablet- PC
Network compatible
Dimensions LxWxH600 x 350 x 350 mm
Weight25 kg
Power100/230 VAC, 230 W


Luer connectors