109 Neck Down Machine

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The Neck Down Machine is designed to reduce the wall thickness and diameter of plastic tubes. The balloon is slipped over a mandrel and placed in the product fixture. The material, partially heated at the end of the balloon cone, is reduced to a defined inner diameter according to the size/ shape of the mandrel, and as a result of an applied linear pulling force.
Through the changing of either: temperature, preheating time, start position, pulling way or pulling speed, as well as the diameter of the mandrel, the resulting diameter of the balloon shaft is modified. The necessary process parameters for specific outcomes can be stored in separate menus ensuring a high level of process security and reproducibility.

Technical Specifications:
Benchtop model
Pneumatic Clamping System:
2 Parallel air grippers, separate, controlled by an air pressure controller with a manometer for each
Necking drive linear guide with ball screw spindle and 3-phase stepper motor
amplifier implemented in the housing
Soft silicon grippers insert for careful fixation of the balloon
Stainless steel gripper for clamping of the shaft
Adjustable stopper for positioning the product
Foot switch for clamping and opening the two air gripper
Special air heating nozzle mounted on an X/Y linear slide:
Nozzle positioning radial

50 mm

Ceramic heating element

250 W

Heating nozzle with round front side opening
PID controller, working temperature 20–400°C
Air flow controller with 100 mm scale
PLC controller with interactive display for programming and operating
Memory for 350 parameter menus
Program level password protected for: program no., preheating time, start position, necking distance, speed, axial moving nozzle
Dimensions LxWxH800 x 500 x 250 mm
Weight30 kg
Power100–230 VAC
150 W
others upon request
Air pressure6–10 bar (0.6–1.0 MPa)


Flow meter
Rear side connectors
Clamps and nozzle